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Senior Living Resolutions brings awareness, education, and an all-inclusive list of licensed senior living healthcare facilities to your fingertips. It has every licensed Assisted Living, Home Health, Hospice, Skilled Nursing, Rehab, and Adult Day Care listed.

It uses a simple filter process which allows the consumer to emphasize their particular needs and focus on facilities that best meet those needs. Consumers can choose filters such as geographical area (using zip codes), special facility licenses (ex. limited nursing services, extended congregate care), the total number of beds, presence of optional state supplementation, etc. An exceptional feature of the website and the app is that it gives the consumer the ability to see how facilities have performed on previous state inspections.

Helping you make an informed decision and helping all providers get recognized

Unlike other sites or referral agencies we want you to become the expert in senior living rather than rely on organizations which often provide biased recommendations based on their financial interests.  Senior Living Resolutions hopes to maintain a long-term relationship with seniors and their families through the blog and education pages which will continue to distribute information about the senior healthcare industry, and other topics regarding future senior needs.  We hope to keep you coming back to the site which was designed specifically for the ongoing and ever changing needs of seniors and their families!



Welcome to The AAC and Thank you for taking the time to assist by submitting your data with your survey completion.

See here detailed information on the focus areas and why
your input is so important. ALSO if you would like to contribute in the
future or have an interest in industry advocacy please complete WHO TO
CONTACT on your survey. This is an anonymous process and not required.*

*LTC-SMMC*: Florida is well past the rollout of the LTC SMMC program,
discussions and concerns among providers regarding issues with contracted
LTC managed care providers and the overall framework of the SMMC program
are ongoing and continue to grow. These concerns range from fair
reimbursement rates, delayed payments from plans, resolving disputes and
difficulty reaching plan representatives and case managers. There have been
and continue to be challenges at all levels, however issues impacting the
ALF’s have not been clearly defined let alone addressed. Aside from the
*BLUE* button on the AHCA site we have no collective and organized
reporting. Your participation in this simple survey is a huge step,
contributing to research and data collection. *This data will serve as a
voice and paint a picture that will be used to educate legislators,
governing agencies industry advocates and stakeholders. We need your help
to move forward and make positive change, not only for the future and
benefit of assisted living operators in Florida but to ensure that our
aging population, the consumers & recipients of these programs and services
can access affordable options for quality housing and care in the future*.

*ALF Referral Fees*: The 2012 change to the ALF regulation which opened the
doorway to web based and local providers of referral services seemed a
welcome addition to lead generation and client move ins. Now, some 3 ½
years later, this growing and completely unregulated business has managed
to gain an upper hand, cutting the bottom line and capturing not only
unaware consumers but case manager / discharge planners looking for
receiving facilities when patients cannot go home safely upon discharge.
This pay per referral model has all but diminished the concept of a payment
for *services *model and impacts both providers and consumers, many of whom
pay through “add on fees”. An example of a negative economic impact is a
report of a 30 bed facility start up in an area with a large concentration
of referral services who ultimately payed out referral fees of over $40k to
gain increased occupancy in the first year. An ALF now charging a $2000
move in fee to a client to defray costs paid to referral company. Some
communities have taken proactive measures, refusing to work with the web
based services and other local referral providers, others developing their
own agreements and fee structures for those they do opt to work with who
are knowledgable and offer a quality service. Faced with the mounting costs
to do business, facilities have created or increased administrative or move
in fees that have been passed onto the consumer. *Again, this is an issue
with significant economic impact to both ALF industry operators and the
consumers in Florida.


The Aging Advocacy Coalition is focused on communication, collaboration and action! Join us in advocating issues that not only have impact to the senior care and housing industry but to the very seniors that so many of us serve.  We stay hyper focused on issues until as a group sufficent change has occured then and only then do we move forward with the next issue.

The development of the 2016 ALF Survey, fine tuning questions and the work to get this out to all ALF’s in Florida has been a 4+ month project. The focus being on two specific areas, those which at this current time have greatest impact to the majority of both providers and consumers.
YOU by simply taking 15 minutes, responding with your answers and returning in the pre-addressed envelope by mail or email will be doing your part to advocate, contributing to the important process necessary to drive meaningful and positive change.


• a person who argues for or supports a cause or policy
• a person who works for a cause or group
• a person who argues for the cause of another person in a court of law

“Advocate” is used often, seemingly a broad encompassing term applied liberally in the area of senior services, senior care, senior housing or anything senior for that matter. The aging network, as it is often referred to, is a massive conglomeration of businesses, service providers, agencies, and associations, some are for profit and others are not. Some are solely fee for service, reliant on the private pay consumer while others receive funds through grants, state and or federal monies. Advocates and advocacy play a large role for many of these businesses, agencies and associations and drives both economics and policy.
This is where advocacy takes many different forms going in many directions, like a serpent with a thousand heads.

First, what it is not… a trade association or dues based-membership group. The coalition is more of an open room that you can enter to learn, share and take part in advocating on issues that have impact and importance to you. Founded by two professionals, who combined have spent 40+ years in the senior housing & health care industry, primarily in assisted living. Joining together only earlier this year because they share a vision and a passion for the assisted living industry and to promote positive change for the future. The host website, Senior Living Resolutions, also promotes education and provides opportunities for both professionals and consumers to be engaged and informed.

While you are visiting the Senior Living Resolutions site take a look around. We catalog every licensed Assisted Living, Home Health, Adult Day Care, Nursing Home/Rehab, Skilled Nursing, and Hospice in the State of Florida. We catalog these for free so consumers can see what all their options are. We do offer additional exposure options at very affordable prices such as: premium listings (be on the first page of listings highligted), Direct Web Link advertising (5 spots in total linking consumers up directly with your organization), and Video Tour/Reviews (let the consumer see a real tour and real dipiction of your company, a real not staged or just pictures of what sets you aside)

Please use the contact us tab to recieve information on advocacy and to join our email list to recieve industry news and legislative updates. Also learn more about Senior Living Resolutions as a business tool for your community and how we are saving ALFs big money by not using referral/placement agencies. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and remember it will take all of your input to help make change,


To contact for more information about THE SURVEY or THE AAC