How do I navigate around the Senior Living Resolution App and Website?

Senior Living Resolutions app and website was designed to put you in the drivers seat and make you aware of your options our app and website was also designed to be very user friendly.

Let's get familiar with the first page, at the top you have back, home, and forward. This are to be used while your in the app/webpage as direct commands. They will always remain at top even if you have moved to a direct link web page. By choosing back you will go directly back to the app without having to exit the Internet and re-open the app. Next is the senior Living Resolutions icon/logo this will take you back to the very beginning as will the home option. Lastly on the first page is a circle with three lines, these are tabs that access services offered by SLR, senior care definitions and tips, Senior Living University a listing of sponsored articles to educate you the consumer, about SLR, a how to navigation page, and how to contact us with questions, inquires, or if your interested in advertisement or education sponsorship.

Now that we have explained some of the features let's begin:

  1. Choose the type of facility to do this access the drop down arrow
  2. You are given 6 options to choose from if you are unsure touch or click the circled i icon this will give you the state defined definition of what each facility does select continue.
  3. Type in any zip code or city from The state of Florida. Zip codes narrow the field while cities require proper spelling. The app and webpage will pull all licensed facilities up with in 25 miles of city or zip code.
  4. You will find a list of all facilities requested to narrow the list choose the top right circle with 3 slides inside. You will be given multiple filters to narrow your search unsure what these filters are go to our definitions tab.
  5. Once filters are chosen touch/click the apply filters this will have your selected wants and needs filtered.
  6. Begin your research by choosing a selected facility you will be given name, type of facility, address, directions options, phone number, license characteristics, bed types, and access to Agency for Health Care Administration or AHCA reports.
  7. If you want to review more facilities on the chosen list touch/click back to return to the full list.
  8. If you have accessed the AHCA link you will not be able to navigate any further than selected link. You can access their home page will can lead you to the desired location.
  9. Contact the facilities directly use our tips and posting page to help you chose the facility that's best for you based on your filters and other selected wants and needs.
  10. Use the Senior Living Resolutions app/webpage for to help with contained education and to help choose other facilities as one might require a higher level of care.

You become the expert and you make the choice that's right for you! 
Thank you and good luck in your search.