Questions to Ask Your Home Care Agency

Posted on December 16, 2016

Choosing the right Florida home health care agency for a loved one should not be difficult. When you know what to look out for in a home health care, you can be able to get quality service and at an affordable price. Below are some questions guaranteed to help you find one that's right for you and your family.

1. Is the company licensed?

A home care agency licensed by the state has attained the minimum standard set by the state that guarantees they can do their job of caring for families effectively.

2. How long has the company existed?

The duration of existence is a reflection of the stability of the company. The longer its existence the more stable and successful the company is.

3. What qualifications are required of their staff?

Determine if the credentials of the staff are actually investigated. Equally important, determine if the screening process is thorough. Does the company offer any additional training? Does it conduct background checks on the staff? Can you request to have a worker replaced if you are not satisfied with the staff the agency sent? Make sure you are satisfied with the staff as these people will have direct contact with your loved ones.

4. Are their employees insured?

To be safe, don't use any home care agency that does not insure its employees.

5. Do they guarantee satisfaction?

Let's face it, they are a business. Like all businesses they should guarantee customer satisfaction. Are they committed to excellence? Can you cancel your agreement for unsatisfactory services or is there a period you must stay with the company, regardless of the quality of their services after making a payment?

6. Can they provide references?

A quality Florida home health care agency should provide names of individuals and not just medical organizations or hospitals. Inquiring whether the individuals would consider employing the company's services again will give some insight on how they relate with their customers.

7. Can the agency be reached via phone 24 hour a day, 365 days a year?

A quality agency should. Sometimes unexpected occurrences happen and an agency that cannot be reached when and as needed should be avoided.

Asking a home health care agency these questions will bring out their clear picture and the level of care they offer. It is a smart way of weeding out the bad home health care agencies from the good.

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