Misconceptions and Reality of Hospice Care

Posted on December 16, 2016

People seek out hospice care when they have chronic illnesses that are impacting the quality of their life. However, there seems to be misconceptions about what hospice care entails and this kind of notion makes people have too much expectation on the kind of help they get from Hospice care of South Florida. Below are a few misconceptions and truths revealed about hospice care.

Misconception: Hospice is where you go when you’ve given up.

Reality: Hospice care of South Florida focuses on providing a team-oriented approach to pain management, spiritual and emotional support expressly tailored to a patient’s wishes and needs when a cure is beyond reach. Living life to the fullest becomes the focus.

Misconception: Hospice care is only for patients in their last few days.

Reality: Patients can receive palliative care for many months depending on the debilitating illness or injury. A patient doesn’t have to be bedridden to receive hospice care. It’s been proven that patients, who receive palliative care earlier, live longer than those who do not receive it or get it very late.

Misconception: Hospice is for individuals with highly advanced cancer.

Reality: Hospice is for anyone with a life-limiting illness or condition such as stroke, heart failure, Alzheimer and aims to increase their comfort and quality of life through compassionate care.

Misconception: Hospice is only aimed at the patient.

Reality: While it’s true the patient is the primary benefactor of hospice care of South Florida, the care is also designed to support the needs of other caregivers as well as the family. It’s not just about catering to the needs and comfort of the patient but also about providing a compassionate guide for the loved ones of the patient.

Misconception: Hospice care is very expensive.

Reality: Hospice care is provided by many insurance companies. Many caregivers and family pay little or nothing for the care under these policies.

Misconception: Once a patient receives hospice he forfeits all treatment from a family doctor.

Reality: Hospice is all about creating a pain-free and comfortable life for the patient. This involves teamwork and that can include a family physician. The hospice care of South Florida team will communicate with your physician to provide the best pain management treatment for you.

Understanding what hospice care is all about allows you to make an informed decision and know what to expect from the care.

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