Is Assisted Living Covered By Medicaid?

Posted on May 12, 2017

Medicare does not cover assisted living, but Medicaid does cover at least some of the expenses. In the state of Florida, Medicaid can also be combined with social services like the Assisted Living for the Elderly Waiver. Consulting with a senior living specialist in Florida can help you discover the best ways to offset the costs associated with assisted living.

Living in assisted living tends to be cheaper than living in a nursing home, which is why insurers and Medicaid need to shift towards policies and programs that support and encourage assisted living. Assisted living is also preferable to nursing homes because it encourages independence and empowerment and can reduce depression, all while allowing seniors to enjoy the perks of living in a senior living community.

Medicaid might cover some of the programs and services that are available through an assisted living facility. A doctor’s prescription for specialized professional services can help to defray costs of assisted living facilities, even when room and board charges are left up to the individual. Medicaid does not exist to pay for room and board, but it does offer the means by which to help seniors receive the healthcare services and medical interventions they need.

In Florida, the Assisted Living for the Elderly Waiver is a Medicaid-funded program. Many states have Medicaid-funded programs like these to help seniors with their assisted living facility costs. These waivers help seniors to enjoy the benefits of assisted living without being an unnecessary burden to their families. The Assisted Living for the Elderly Waiver can also help seniors who might be above the income eligibility requirements to secure funds that can be used to pay for their assisted living facility.